The Queensboro Promise:

At Queensboro, we promise that everything you buy from us will fit, be good quality and that your order will be error free.

Another way to look at this is that we promise that everything you buy from us will be 100% happily usable.

It can get pretty rough and tumble out there in the real world. Our goal is that dealing with Queensboro will be one of the highlights of your day. It should be quick, easy and hassle free.

After every order you place with us you will get an email with a simple question: Was your order perfect?

We set a high bar for customer satisfaction and we work hard to clear that bar every day. If you answer no to that question, we will contact you immediately so we can address the issue and resolve it to your satisfaction. In keeping with our No Returns Necessary Guarantee, if you let us know about the problem within 30 days of receiving your order, you don't even need to send back the old merchandise.

Great partners hold each other accountable. Please let us know if you are ever not 100% satisfied with anything you buy from us, or if you feel we have not kept The Queensboro Promise.

If you are not smiling when you think about your experience with us, we have not done our job.

We appreciate your business!

Fred Meyers, President and Founder